Fiduciary Retirement Advice at OSU

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have a financial advisor/firm that had to look our for your best interests ahead of their own? This is what being a fiduciary means and rebel Financial stands proud to always represent the Staff and Faculty of The Ohio State University as fiduciaries.*

*To our knowledge, we are the only financial company providing a fiduciary level of planning and investment management advice directly on OSU retirement accounts (ARP, 403b, 457b, OPERS, & STRS).

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Proudly Representing:

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Working with OSU staff & faculty

We do not work for any large financial or investment company. Instead, we work directly for our clients and then leverage multiple larger custodians to hold their actual accounts. At OSU, the two most suitable custodians are TIAA CREF and Fidelity. We directly manage our clients' investment accounts through these investment firms and then build retirement plans that coordinate their OPERS, STRS, SS benefits etc. when they're ready.

Why choose us?

Independent and transparent:

  • Fee-only & a Fiduciary

    Fee-only means that we only accept compensation from our clients and do not accept compensation from 3rd parties and, as a fiduciary, we always represent our clients’ best interests 1st.

  • Transparent pricing

    We are open and transparent in our pricing. We even produce a quarterly statement of all your fees so you know how much you pay and can quantify our value to you.

    1) View all client service models.
    2) View all flat-fee planning models.

  • Reduced cost & committment

    Because we don’t take commissions or work for a large financial firm we can drive down costs and remove restrictive contract terms. We always work at your discretion, no strings attached.

Knowledgeable and specialized:

  • Experienced advisors that know your retirement

    We specialize in working with public employees that have OPERS, STRS, or SERS. Furthermore, we have many clients at OSU and know your particular benefits/opportunities as well.

  • Professional excellence

    Our financial advisors are all Certified Financial Planners (CFP), who have at least a BA/BS, and we require that they complete at least 60 hours of continuing education per year.

  • Dedication and continuity

    Whether you’re just starting your career, contemplating retirement, or are already retired we we can help you with your retirement planning. Furthermore, we’ve been serving staff & faculty for over 12yrs and plan to continue for decades to come.

Watch our webinar over new changes for Ohio State University

Plans available to our OSU staff & faculty clients:

  • Simple rebel

    Our Simple rebel service is to allow people that have little to no start on investing to be able to! We want to provide an affordable financial planning service to provide basic investment services for anyone ready to start. Have access to our robust planning tools, online storage, plan reviews, and receive support from our advisors. Read about the full details of this plan.

  • eRebel

    eRebel was designed to merge the best of online efficiency with real world experienced financial advisors. This gives you the ability to hire a great financial advisor at a great price so that you can make better decisions and more efficiently move yourself closer to financial freedom. Read about the full details of this plan.

  • Silver rebel

    Our Silver rebel clients are on-going clients of our firm that receive the highest level of investment management and financial advice without formal financial planning/modeling. To be succinct, this is what most financial advisors provide to their clients.Read about the full details of this plan.

  • Gold rebel

    Our Gold rebel service model is our highest level of service and probably the best value option because it includes so many services.  It includes everything that is offered in all of our lower service levels plus full financial planning/modeling and tax/estate document preparation for qualifying households. Read about the full details of this plan.

*Currently, OSU does not have 3rd Party Fee Billing so our fee schedule applies to any/all ARP/403b/457b accounts, which our clients pay us via Paypal. OSU would receive a 10% discount via monthly deductions through paypal.

Also, if you hold other IRA or after-tax accounts with us our general fee schedule would apply.

Green-Quotations-100x92Unfortunately, we are prohibited from posting testimonials/reviews on our website by the SEC and the state regulatory authorities. However, we are allowed to have reviews on 3rd party sites on which we have no ability to manipulate them in our favor so that both positive and negative reviews can be equally evaluated by potential clients. Please view our reviews on Google Reviews by clicking here.

Green-Quotations-100x92Again, we are prohibited from posting testimonials/reviews on our website by the regulatory authorities. However, we believe that our clients' experiences and insights are an important part of evaluating whether you would like to hire us as your investment/planning advisor. We invite you to inspect our reviews on Angie's List by clicking here.

We are dedicated to providing superior value and unbiased advice. As a staff or faculty member at OSU you would be hard pressed to find another financial firm that can deliver the sophisticated, integrated investment advice and specialized financial planning that rebel Financial delivers. Furthermore, we do all of this with no strings attached; give us a try today and see for yourself.

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